Just be the Witness, the Sakshi

Just be the Witness, the Sakshi

Many ideas and techniques are around about dealing with life and its challenges; as well as about the ultimate purpose of life.

Most of them put emphasis on doing something.

You lose the sense of your being if you are not doing something.

To feel worthwhile, you feel that you should be doing something.

Without doing and without thinking about doing something you think that you are not addressing the situation.

You have a tendency to do something, physically or mentally.

When you believe your existence is only short lived, like this human life, your ego steps in to leave a legacy of your existence on the face of this earth forever, or so it thinks.

Doing something reassures your ego about your existence, about your presence, about your worthiness, about your importance.

You do not want to be forgotten. So you become hell-bent on doing, in achieving something – spiritually or worldly.

To do is ego.

To be is liberation.

To do is earthly corruption.

To be is cosmic connection.

To do is division.

To be is Absolute.

Witness. Do not participate.

Observe. Do not transgress.


You judge before you choose to act.

Judging is a child of the ego.

Judging always has ingredients from your culture, beliefs, learning, thoughts and inclinations.

Judging is tinted.

You will analyse before you select an action or favour a thought.

Analysis is incomplete.

Analysing, judging, deciding and filtering result into rejections and acceptances.

Do not filter.

Let all and everything go through as wholesome.

Just observe.

Just witness.

Do not add to or subtract from who and what you are.

Just observe your Self, your actions and thoughts as they are.

You, your thoughts, your actions and the entire existence will become one when you do not interrupt.

Just observe.

Doing something or anything, by accepting or abstaining, is servitude.

Being is liberation.

It is the real freedom, the wholesome unity, the state of whole and all.

In the world everything is always changing.

Principles change.

Ideologies change.

Definitions of good and bad, auspicious and evil, sacred and sin change.

They change as your concepts and priorities change.

Even in the same era what would be good, ethical and sacred for one could be bad, unethical and sinful for other.

All these differences are the scions of ego.

Ignorance incubates ego.

Ignorance of not knowing the reality that everything changes but your real Self, “You”, is ever unchanging.

The real “You” does not indulge in any changes.

It remains unattached because the real “You” only witnesses everything ever.

When you witness existence you will be tuned with existence, the real “You”.

All happenings are merely a show, an illusion projected by the sense of the absence of your Self.

The only way is to be your Self.

The only way is to be a witness, a sakshi.

The only way is to not choose a way.

The only way is to not walk on any or many paths.

The only path is to not to do anything but to be.

Just witness.

Just be the Witness, the Sakshi.